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St. Mary's Physics Online has also been selected to appear in the

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EduHound honored St. Mary's Physics Online with its "Spotlight Classroom Award"


Our web site has been selected to appear in the March 13, 2003 issue of the EduHound Weekly newsletter, and will also be included on their Classroom Spotlight webpage.

EduHound is a web site created and maintained by T.H.E., the premier journal on educational technology. EduHound is a 'prescreened collection of more than 20,000 educational links in more than
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Straight From School

St. Mary's Physics wins Newsday's Cool School Site !


On March 14, 2003  St. Mary's Physics Online won the highly coveted Cool Site Award. Here is a reprint of the article.

"If you teach or are learning physics, this Web Site is a must visit. St. Mary's Physics Online offers tools to make physics interesting and fun. Web Links include Interactive, multimedia, and Phun (fun) physics Web Sites as well as links to tutorials, test prep and experiments. Relevant java sites are incorporated into homework assignments and students have access to weekly agendas, handouts and labs and can even check on their grades. Student-created web pages and crossword puzzles to do online are examples of lessons learned. St. Mary's Physics Online is fun, interactive and a great way for students to learn. "


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<-<strong>The Teacher's -

Hi Tony,

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are a recipient of The Teacher's Corner Award of Excellence for the month of April.  Your web site, St. Mary's Physics, is very informative and contains a great deal of resources for your visitors.

Once again, Congratulations and keep up the good work!
- Jennifer

Education World has honored St. Mary's Physics Online with it's "Web Wizard" award. 

The people at Education World described our site as "Physics with Fizz". Read their review.

Reproduced from the Manhasset Press

St. Mary’s Online Wins 5 Awards

Students in Physics classes at St. Mary's College Preparatory High school find it easier to focus in class when instructor Anthony Mangiacapre supplements lessons with an online classroom, which won 5 web awards this spring.  

St. Mary's Physics Online won the Cool Site Award and the recipient of the EduHound Spotlight Class- room Award in March of 2003.  The International Association of WebMasters and Designers selected St. Mary's Physics Online as the winner of the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award. St. Mary's Physics Online was a recipient of The Teacher's Comer Award of Excellence for the month of April, and Education World honored St. Mary's Physics Online with its "Web Wizard" award.

 What makes St. Mary's Physics Online the winner among thousands of educational links? "Animations and interactive JAVA applets help students get a visual understanding of what they are learning," said physics instructor Anthony Mangiacapre, designer of the site. Junior Madan Kumar agreed, adding, "If you're told how something happens it's hard to visualize, but once you see it, it really makes sense."



Mr. Mangiacapre makes full use of his classroom teaching tools, including the whiteboard, laboratory supplies and textbooks. The use of the Internet as an educational tool is an incentive for students to study at home, and be more focused in class. "You don't have to play catch-up when it comes to taking notes. We can pay attention to what he [Mr. Mangiacapre] is saying, and come to understand physics, instead of just memorizing notes." also provides links to interactive sites where students can find additional experiments and challenges. In 1996, physics students created a site called "Making Waves" that explores sound and electromagnetic radiation. It also won Newsday's Cool Site of the Month Award and can be viewed on the site with other student sites, crossword puzzles created by students, and in-class photos.

 Mr. Mangiacapre, a teacher at St. Mary's since 1989, has been creating web pages since the World Wide Web was born. He holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, and two masters degrees: one in secondary education from Queens College, and one in instructional technology from NYIT.



Email from

"I'm always on the lookout for great online activities, and your site is fantastic!"

We would like to include your excellent web activity: Alien Invasion at

 Circular Velocity Game in!

We're presenting you with the "Editor's Choice" Award as an appreciation of your work. "


Email from Jennifer Ouellette, writer of " Black Bodies and Quantum Cats" and the associate editor of The American Physical Society
From: Jennifer Ouellette
Sent: Sun 1/29/2006 11:53 AM
To: T. Mangiacapre
Subject: modern physics review crossword puzzle
Dear Mr. Mangiacapre:
I'm associate editor of APS NEWS, the monthly membership publication of The American Physical Society. I found the link below while surfing the Web: a crossword puzzle created by one of your students back in 2004.

Among the features of APS NEWS is a column called Zero Gravity. We'd like to reproduce the above crossword puzzle (along with the link to download the Java program that created it) to kick off a "contest" among our members [most of whom are PhD physicists] to create their own such puzzles. I'm writing (a) to request permission to reproduce it, and (b) to see if you have a PDF or similar electronic file we could use to reproduce it. Your student, yourself and your most excellent Website would naturally be given full credit... :)

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer Ouellette
associate editor, APS NEWS
Black Bodies and Quantum Cats: Tales from the Annals of Physics
Available at book outlets everywhere
Jennifer Ouellette