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Projectile Motion Worksheet

Viy = +50 m/s        Vix = 16 m/s

1. Show the position of the ball on the drawing above at times 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 seconds.


2. Use the picture above to fill out the chart below.

t (sec) Vx (m/s) Vy (m/s)
0 16 50






3. A person kicks a soccer ball at an angle and sends it in the air.

a) What angle of projection between 0 and 90 degrees produces the greatest initial vertical component? _____

greatest initial horizontal component? ____

b) A soccer ball is kicked at a speed of 8 m/s. Circle the angle below that will give the ball the largest (dy)?
Which angle will make the ball go the farthest (dx)?

13 degrees   7 degrees  40 degrees      85 degrees     2 degrees.?

4.What angle can you kick a football that will the make the initial vertical component of the velocity equal to the initial horizontal

component of the velocity?  ____

5. Name an angle that you could kick a football that would give it a very large initial vertical component but a small nonzero initial

horizontal component
. _____

6. How would the vertical component of a velocity change if the angle of projection was changed from 80 degrees to 60 degrees? _____





7. A soccer ball was kicked on a horizontal field. The initial vertical component of the soccer ball was +15 m/s and the initial horizontal component was + 8 m/s.

a) What was the vertical component of the balls velocity just before it hit the ground? ______

b) What was the horizontal component of the balls velocity just before it hit the ground? ______