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 Reflection and Refraction Review HW Reflection

Law or Reflection – Angle of incidence = Angle of Reflection

 A)     all angles are measured with respect to the normal

B)     Normal – dotted line drawn perpendicular to the surface where the light ray hits the reflecting surface


Measuring Angles – a) Place protractors horizontal guide on the normal

                           b) measure the acute angle between the normal and ray

 I. Reflection Exercises - For each drawing below: a) Draw the reflected ray b) measure and record the angle of incidence c) and the angle of reflection

 b) _____   c) _____            b) _____   c) _____          b) _____   c) _____              b) _____   c) _____  

                                                                           (hint: draw the normal first)

b) _____   c) _____                       b) _____   c) _____  





II. Refraction Exercises – Measuring the Angle of Incidence and Refraction

) Measure and Record the Angle of incidence and the Angle of Refraction
2) If one medium is faster than the other, label the medium with the letter F

How to measure refraction angles

a)     Place the 0 degree horizontal guideline of your protractor on the normal
b)     Line up the middle of the protractor with the tip of the arrow on the first ray

III. Drawing Refraction Ray Diagrams

Instructions: Use the angles given to draw the following refraction diagrams

a) q1 = 30 degrees q2 = 40 degrees b) q1 = 15 degrees q2 = 25 degrees

(hint: draw the normal first)