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BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Highlight the questions you were assigned,

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1.   Hit the Target!  Be patient with this web page, it takes some time to load.

Question a)

Instructions: Set the cannon's angle to 25 degrees and keep adjusting the velocity until you hit the target. Do the same for 45 degrees and 65 degrees. Record your results in the chart.

Summary of Results:

Angle Velocity(m/s)

*** Before answering Question b) read the following directions:

Instructions: Set the cannon's velocity to 50 m/s and do not change it at any point in this experiment. Experiment to see how the size of the cannon's angle of trajectory effects the size of the projectile's maximum horizontal and vertical displacements (range and  height).   

Question b) 

I ) Summarize how the size of the cannon's initial angle of trajectory affects the sizes of the projectile's horizontal and vertical displacements (height and range)

Complete these sentences

Increasing the cannon's angle from  2 to 10 to 45 degrees causes the size of the horizontal displacement to ________________and causes the vertical displacement to _____________.

Increasing the cannon's angle from 45 to 65 to  85 degrees      causes the horizontal displacement to _______________ and the vertical  displacement to _______________

II) Which angle produces the largest horizontal range and which angles the greatest vertical range?

(Only Full Sentences Get Full Credit)



2. Centripetal Acceleration

a) The object in this simulation is moving at constant speed throughout its travel. At what point in the object's travels does it accelerate? 



b) How could the object be accelerating when its speed is constant? 



3. See where the earth's satellites are right now! JTrack3D

                Click this link and wait until the program jumps to the screen.