Force on refrigerator acts in 2 directions





Force acts in 2 directions



Drawing Components

St. Mary's HS Physics











Which component is responsible for making this cart move? 





Only horizontal part (Fx)
of applied force


#18 - Angle and components


If angle were increased....


Vertical component?    




Horizontal component?






Fy = FsinӨ


Fx = FcosӨ


"One size fits all"







Fy = 60. Nsin37



Fy = 36 N North



Fx = 60Ncos37



Fx = 48 N East




Check  a2 + b2 = c2



36 N2 + 48 N2= 60 N2



Ex) Weight of Cart = 80 N



Horizontal Component of Weight Force?





O N 


Vertical Component of Weight Force?




8O N




Horizontal Component

 0 N


Vertical Component

80 N down



Ex) A 50 N changes from 80 to 10. 


vertical component?





Angle & Components

St. Mary's HS


Ex) A 50 N changes from 80 to 10. 


horizontal component?













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