Human Cannonball
at the 2007 State Fair of Texas





Projectile fired at an angle




Projectiles move
in a parabolic path



Baseball Throw
St. Mary's H.S. Physics






Vx and Vy Components
St. Mary's H.S. Physics


*** To understand this type of motion we must breakup the velocity into
horizontal and vertical parts (components)



Angle & Components
St. Mary's H.S. Physics





Finding Horizontal & Vertical Components (parts)





Initial Horizontal
Component of Velocity


Vix = VcosӨ
(on reference table)




Initial Vertical
component of velocity


Viy = VsinӨ
(on reference table)










A bouncing ball captured with a stroboscopic flash at 25 images per second.

MichaelMaggs Edit by Richard Bartz


#11 - Angles/Projectile Motion

- greatest range?




- smallest range



90, 0


- greatest height and time in air



90, 0



Angles and Ranges




Projectile Range
Don Ion






















Angle & Components
St. Mary's H.S. Physics



Ex) Which angle of projection causes a projectile to stay in the air longer? 

 50 or 70 degrees?


70 degrees,

(closest to 90,
longer time in air)





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