Review - Name the angle of incidence and the angle of refraction



About Light

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Newton proved that white light is a blend
of all the colors of the rainbow




White Light Animation

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2. Dispersion – separation of polychromatic light into its component wavelengths (colors)

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Name that tune!

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What famous album cover
has a prism on the front?
Their big hit?




Each Color has

A Different Wavelength






Red - fastest
(slowed least),
bent least

Violet - slowest
(slowed most),
bent most

Lucas V. Barbosa





Dispersive Medium – medium in which the velocity of wave depends on frequency

(makes rainbows)

ex) Glass, water 


Nondispersive - Air




Refraction with
Polychromatic Light
(Angle, Index of refraction)
Molecular Expressions  - FSU










What is the name for this special kind of reflection?





Total internal reflection in a bar of PMMA.
The laser is HeNe laser



Cross out all the ray diagrams that are incorrect. Justify your answers.

June 2014


Wave Nature
of Light



Review Video

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Refraction/Dispersion Simulations

University of Utah



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