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Electromagnetic Radiation - waves of energy generated by the acceleration of charges



Why can't neutrons make this kind of wave?



Have no charge


- travel at the speed of light in a vacuum



3 x 108 m/s

 Electromagnetic Wave
Santa Barbara City College

NASA - Electromagnetic Waves



Charges "shake" off their energy


 in waves when they vibrate



Vibrating Charges &
Electromagnetic Waves
Physics 2000

3d Electromagnetic Wave
 - David M. Harrison

3d Electromagnetic Wave # 2
 - David M. Harrison






Electromagnetic Radiation

 - Wavelength and Frequency
Spectrum © W. Bauer


Conversion of a DICOM-format X-ray from a ten year old male showing polydactyly. This is the patient's left hand, posterior-anterior projection. Identifying tags and such have been stripped. en:User:Drgnu23, subsequently altered by Grendelkhan, Raul654, and Solipsist.



In the late 40's & early
50's, an x-ray unit was
a common shoe store
sales promotion device.
They were finally
banned in the US in 1970. 


Source - Museum of quackery 



Meet the Pedoscope


Source - Museum of Quackery - Bob McCoy


Which wave has the
smallest wavelength?

(hint: most penetrating)





Gamma Rays,






Which wave has the
smallest frequency?





Radio Waves





Which Color Has the
Greatest Wavelength?








Smallest Wavelength?






Which color of light has a
frequency of 6.0 x 1014  Hz?






What is the frequency

of light whose wavelength

is 6 x 10-7 m?


v = fl


3x108 m/s = f[6 x 10-7 m]


f = 5  x 1014 Hz

What color?





Lasers, Frequency, &  Wavelength
Physics 2000

Sonar is used to map the oceans

 Charles Sol
Enseignant Université Marne la Vallée

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License





Try this at home

Seeing invisible waves with your cellphone










Microwaves, Standing Waves


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