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MsYuen's Homework

Hane's Homework


Reference Tables


What is a mixture?

Elements, Compounds, mixtures

Chemistry of Fireworks

Writing formula (flash required)

Fission and Binding energy video

Periodic Table song

Interactive Periodic Table

Radioactive Orchestra


Factors that affect rate of reactions








Quarter 1


Nuclear Chemistry

Matter  Topic 4 Matter


Combined Gas Law Calculator


Quarter 2

Periodic Table

Topic 2 Formulas and Equations

PPT Naming Compounds

Covalent Compounds

Balancing Equations

Topic 6 Bonding
Lewis dot
Lewis dot notes
Hane's Bonding Notes


E = mc

Quarter 3

Topic 3 gfm

Topic 7 Solutions

Topic 8 Kinetics and Equilibrium

PE Diagram 1

PE Diagram 2

Quarter 4

Topic 9 Oxidation/Reduction

Topic 10 acids and bases

Topic 11-Organic Chemistry

200 Things needs to know to pass the Chemistry Regents Exam



Old Regent Exams





lesson on youtube khanacademy